Djanai's Angels

Because Everyone is Special


inClusion ClubHouse



   What would it feel like to have to depend on someone to get you out of bed and dressed every morning?

    What if you had to wear a diaper or needed someone to take you to the bathroom?

    Imagine being trapped in a body which you struggle in daily to get the basic things you need.

    This is life with Special Needs…this is Djanai's life with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. 

    Now what if we could make those feelings of helplessness and frustration disappear even if only for a few hours?  

    Would you want to be a part of putting a smile on those special little faces?


Our goal is to open the first center dedicated to catering to the needs of families of children with

special needs. We believe that if we cater to the needs of those with disabilities then we will be able to

cater to the needs of children of all abilities. We also believe that the family unit needs support as a

whole because each member deals with different issues that revolve around raising a child with

special needs. 


To learn more visit to learn about the

5 key rooms that will make up this one of kind center.

This center is for ALL children of ALL abilities but what makes us unique is that children with All types of

Disabilities or challenges will learn to play and interact with each other. We will offer awareness training to

all kids who become members of the inClusion ClubHouse and provide an environment that embraces our


If it takes a village to raise a child just imagine what it takes to raise a child with special needs.


All Children want to feel special and included...everyone needs to understand that being different is a good thing it's what makes us all unique and special individuals.